Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X 3D Face Recognition Smart Door Lock With Camera Bluetooth Fingerprint NFC Unlock Work With Mi Home APP

Face unlock:
Large wide-angle recognition area, children do not need to tiptoe, adults do not need to bend over. The elderly do not need to worry about fingerprint wear, and the unlocking method is suitable for the whole family.
3D structured light
The innovative self-developed identification module integrates speckle projector, infrared camera, and infrared fill light to realize 3D living detection and effectively prevent 2D photos and videos from cracking. The module is certified by the Bank Card Testing Center (BCTC), and the security standard reaches the financial payment enhanced level, which is accurate and safe.
High energy lithium battery
A 7.6V x 6250mAh ultra-high-energy lithium battery is included as standard, with a battery life of up to 4-6 months. *An additional original battery is provided for seamless replacement, and the long battery life is more secure.
Induction doorbell video intercom
When the visitor approaches, the doorbell can be automatically woken up. After pressing the doorbell, the host can initiate a remote video intercom; after the connection is established, the visitor can see the sound wave animation prompt on the screen. Realize remote video intercom.
Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X
Accurate Recognition Of 3D Structured Light
Faster And Safer
3D structured light facial recognition
AMOLED display screen
Fully automatic lock body
Eight unlocking methods
Inductive doorbell visual intercom
Dual ecological intelligent linkage
Support for Mijia and Apple HomeKitThe large wide angle recognition area eliminates the need for children to stand on tiptoes and adults to bend over.
Elderly people also don't need to worry about fingerprint wear, as it is a locking method suitable for the entire family.The infrared camera in the 3D optical module can also capture facial information in low light conditions, quickly completing facial recognition. Even if the corridor is dark, it can instantly unlock.Innovative combination of AMOLED display screen and intelligent door lock. The door lock status is clear at a glance:
When unlocking at home, the facial recognition results are fed back in real-time through icon animation;
When the visitor speaks outside the door, the sound wave animation provides dynamic prompts;
More Unlocking Methods Comprehensive Enough To Be Convenient

The difference between the two face recognition smart door locks of Xiaomi:
1.lock X support for more unclocking method:like NFC card unlock,Xiaomi watch bracelet mobile phone unlock,Siri voice unlock.
2.lock X support for apple homekit
3.Sensing doorbell visual intercom can be used to realize remote visual intercom with visitors using Mijia APP.
4.Standard 7.6V x 6250mAh ultra-high energy lithium battery*2.

GET THE LOOK✨:Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X 3D Face Recognition Smart Door Lock With Camera Bluetooth Fingerprint NFC Unlock Work With Mi Home APP
PRODUCT PROPERTY:✨ 1: If you are looking for our product, the brand of xiaomi is your good choice.The special features of our product is built-in doorbell.Our product is from cn(origin).The certification is ce.
✨ 2: The suitable door type of our product is wooden door.The power supply is built-in rechargeable battery.The doorknob funcition is biometric.The protection level of our product is no waterproof.The suitable for mortise is 6068.The connectivity of our product is wifi.The smart home platform of our product is apple homekit.The ways to unlock of our product is mechanical keys.

REASONS TO BUY:✨ Xiaomi face recognition smart door lock: with the xiaomi app, you can use your phone to unlock your face recognition by smart lock. no need to install driver or external power supply. 
✨ Door locks fingerprint: equipped with nfc-enabled door lock, can be opened by one hand, and automatically unlock the device without having to open the door. 
✨ Precision work: the nfc-enabled smart door lock is equipped with a high-definition screen, which allows you to see the information on the phone. it can also be used as a keychain for your home or office. 
✨ Power supply: no power supply required, just plug it into a usb port and you can enjoy your music anytime, anywhere. 
✨ Bluetooth: wirelessly access your phone, tablet, or any other device with the nfc-enabled bluetooth function. 
✨ Practical and convenient: it is very convenient to use, you can easily access the phone through the door lock. when you are not in use, it can be hung on the wall or placed on the desktop. 

BUYER SAYS:✨ Normal, weary! soon i will give in the assembly with the door. 

RELATED INFO:✨ Facial recognition lock: the smart door lock is equipped with nfc function, which can be used as a key to unlock your phone or tablet. you can also use it as a fingerprint lock when you are working in the office and do not need to worry about passwords. 

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