Terms and Conditions

Last updated: June 06 2020

Introduction Welcome to the electronic store (riazone), one of the largest and leading platforms, that is specialized in online classified Ads. It offers an opportunity for sellers to advertise  equipment, accessories, clothes, electronics, and cages under a large number of categories.

It also offers the buyers the chance to find their needs and communicate directly with customer service to purchase advertised products and services.

Customer service team contacts the buyers once a purchase order is placed, as well as the delivery to any location determined by the buyer. These conditions of use define the nature of the agreement between you as a user and the e- store riazone “riazone.ae”, as it governs the use of products and services that we offer through our website and smart applications.

This agreement provides important information for you as it includes the details of your responsibility for the content you provide, determines our liability to you, and your agreement to resolve any disputes through individual arbitration, waiving, as well as the right to participate in product liability lawsuits against riazone.ae or any of its affiliates. By accessing riazone website, you agree to the following conditions: riazone website offers an English version of the terms and conditions for your convenience, but the Arabic version is the only approved version. Moreover, if there is a conflict between the Arabic version of the terms of use and any other translations, then the Arabic version must be the primary reference. Your personal account: The access to some services provided by Riazone website requires that you register a personal account using your e-mail and a password of your choice.

This registered e-mail grants your authorized access, and you will be responsible for the confidentiality of your account password, in addition to this, you will be responsible for all activities that occur under this account. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your password and choose a password that others cannot reach. In turn, we advise all users to fill their first name and last name in the “User Name” box and use the English language for registration.

You can also log in and create an account on the website through other parties “third party” services (such as Facebook and Twitter), which authorize us the access to your private information, store, and use this information accordingly, and for being permitted services as described in our Privacy Policy. In the event that your own account is hacked or used improperly, please call our customer service team immediately.

The use of Riazone electronic store: Posting/Publishing to any of our sections is allowed after avoiding the following: The seller or the buyer is under 18 years (unless approved by parents) Violation of any laws or any point of the blocked content policy that we have. Dissemination of false or misleading Ads. Violation of any of the rights of any party. Publish any harmful, sequential, or pyramid-scheme marketing messages. Spreading viruses or any other technology that may harm the website or the interests and property of users or anyone. Any act of sabotage such as denial of service attempts or imposing an unreasonable burden on the infrastructure of the website.

Copy, modify and publish content to someone else. Use any restricted means to access the database or collect content for any purpose, this includes bots and web crawlers or any similar ways. Collect information about other users, including e-mail or any other personal information. Bypass the procedures used to prevent or restrict access to the website. The use of personal information of other persons without their explicit consent.

Terms of service to the seller: These conditions of use define the nature of the agreement between you as a seller and Riazone e-store “riazone.ae”, and you should review and approve them before publishing any advisements: Animals and birds must be in good health and free of diseases or defects, and in case they have been sold and received otherwise, the seller must return the animal, bird or any other product as well as the received payment and bear all transportation expenses on his own, and in the case of his refusal the website administrators have the right to stop the membership of the seller and to take the legal actions.

The courts of the UAE shall be the official competent to consider and decide on these disputes. The seller does not have the right to back out of selling the product after the confirmation of the purchase by the buyer, or change the agreed on price for selling except in the following cases: the price reduction or sales and discounts, or otherwise the site management has the right to cancel the membership of the seller. The image of the product provided by the seller must match with the goods for sale and be exclusive to the website, and not to provide the image to any other websites, or else the site administrators have the right to remove the advertisement and cancel the membership of the seller.

It is prohibited to offer any of the endangered animals that are included in (CITES) appendices, except in the case of having the related documents (CITES Papers). Otherwise, the website administrators have the right to remove the advertisement and cancel the membership of the seller. The species for sale must comply with the stated in the appendices one and two of the Federal Law No. 22 of 2016. The seller must be over the age of 18 years, or else through one of the parents.

The seller is committed to strict confidentiality on publishing Ads through Riazone website, for example: when putting prices, the agreed on prices must not be disclosed, by posting a link to the control panel, or publishing. Membership of the seller is important, and the login credentials must not be disclosed, except to those who have the right to use the membership. In case it is verified that the membership is used by any others, Riazone website is entitled to stop the membership without prior notice. Please be careful when you publish your product details and upload the product images because it will be added to Riazone products, and can be used at any other re-sale process on our website. Terms of service to the buyer: Purchase orders from the site: Orders: “riazone.ae” may cancel an order in the event that the goods are not available in stock, for health reasons, or in any other circumstances deemed by “riazone.ae” e-shop staff. If the buyer chooses to pay using “Cash on Delivery”, Riazone website has the right to take an action to verify your identity in order to accept your order.

The buyer shall provide correct personal information at registration (phone numbers, e-mail and shipping address). It is not allowed for the buyer, upon completing the purchase process and payment, to undo the purchase. The funds are not refundable. On buying any product, the buyer is entitled to examine the animal, bird or product after being received, and has 24 hours to prove they are not infected with any epidemic diseases and to provide laboratory testing which is recognized by the State. The website assumes no liability after the completion of the sale and purchase and receiving and delivering the product from any physical damages to the animal, bird or product.

The buyer must provide a suitable site for receiving the order. Riazone website administration is not liable for damages that result from the failure to provide places, corrals or appropriate cages for the animals or birds at delivery. The buyer is not entitled to refuse to receive the order for personal reasons, or on arguments that the product is not matching what was offered on the online virtual website. Blocked content: Deletion is the action we take for any advertisement that has one or more of the prohibited items listed below, and the website retains the right to the final deletion of the user account, to blacklist, or to inform the competent authorities to enforce the necessary law: Diseased or stolen animals. Your personal information must not offend any user. Selecting wrong sections and subsections (such as advertising a deer in the birds’ section).

Endangered, predators or wild animals except for animals for which there are CITES papers or the place has a license as a zoo, breeding centers, research centers or any others. Misuse of Riazone store: Please use the notification system to let us know about any problems or inappropriate content to work together to improve the services offered by the website, and in turn, we will stop our services for those who are misusing the website and to remove their content and take the legal actions to preserve the rights of other users. In case any of these actions is taken, the website is not responsible for any inappropriate content that has been published or its consequences.

The following is the prohibited practices for publishing on Riazone: Create more than one account. Duplicate publication of advertisements. Publish Ads with misleading titles, content, or images. Publish advertisements with false or inappropriate images. Publication of advertisements in the wrong sections. Publish advertisements with unreasonable prices. Publish Ads with redirect links to other websites.

Upload pictures that contain names or phone numbers. Publish advertisements that enable pre-payment or bank transfer options. Dissemination of propaganda in the content, or general content in the Ads. Publish advertisements that contain several commodities. Fraud or fake Ads. The content: Riazone e-store contains items offered by Riazone as well as by other users. As a user of the website, you agree not to copy, modify, or publish our own copyrights and brands. By publishing any particular content you post, you give us a permanent entitlement – that may not be revoked – to implement the policy of content and publication as stated in the website.

If you feel that there is a violation of your rights please notify the customer service department and we will be verifying it, and we still have the right to remove any content that violates any of our Terms of Use or the rights of any other party. Report violations of intellectual property rights: Users are prohibited from publishing any content that violates private property rights of third parties and that includes – but not limited to – intellectual property infringement and trademarks (e.g. the advertisement of fake items for sale).

We have the right to remove any content that violates the terms of our publishing policy and the protection of the rights of others. In case you feel that one of our Ads violate your property rights or trademarks, all you have to do then is to inform our customer service department. The owner of these rights is the only one who can report against the conditions or the Ads that are likely to violate his rights. Fees and services: In general, advertising on Riazone store is free, but we impose fees on some of the services we provide to users, such as receiving and delivering.

In case you post an advertisement, you are required to review and agree on the conditions of the seller. We may change this mechanism from time to time, and in turn, we will notify you of any change to the fees policy by publishing them on the website. Advertising agencies: This term is referring to a third-party agent, a service, or a publisher of a content of services on behalf of others.

The policy of Riazone restrict this kind of advertising, either directly or indirectly, without obtaining written permission from Riazone. In addition to that, it is forbidden to publish advertisements on behalf of the concerned parties unless they have a license or a written permit from the website. Compensation: You are required to provide compensation to any third party who makes a complaint against you, including any accrual funds, whether at the settlement or about what has already been paid, in addition to the legal costs incurred by any of the insured parties, which resulted from your use of Riazone and violating one of the use conditions and laws.

The website, the administrators, the staff, or the responsible workers on the website are not responsible for any of these compensations. The site retains the right to defend and control any legal matters, and this does not mean exempting you from the obligation to pay such compensations. Personal information: When you use Riazone you agree to collect, transfer, store, and use your personal information on other different sites of the website. Riazone will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries in accordance with the law of UAE.