Sunshine Blue Floral Poplin Textile

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  • Sunshine Blue Floral Poplin
  • Textile Material Designer For Clothing
  • Dresses Skirt Printed Liberty
  • Fabric 100% Cotton
  • Tissus 80s
  • SunShine Blue 0.5M


Fast delivery
At present, our stock is very complete, basically it can be shipped quickly the same day or the next day after the photo is taken! Except for individual patterns, there will be a time difference in replenishment when they are sold out. Basically, they can be shipped quickly.



Fabric introduction



Ingredients:100% Cotton

Weaving Process:Printed
Density: 133*100
Yarn count: 80 yarn count

It is recommended to make shirt, dress,  fashion,and something for everyone.

Half meter(0.5m) like above:
1pcs = (50cm*145cm).2 pcs=  (100cm*145cm).3pcs =(150*145cm )and so on......

You can buy the required number of meters. Will not be cut, it is continuous!

You can buy the required number of meters. Will not be cut, it is continuous!

You can buy the required number of meters. Will not be cut, it is continuous!


80 counts of long-fiber cotton, ours is a digital printing process! !

The following are pictures taken by the shopkeeper in kind, and I have tried my best to restore the colors. But the color of online shopping is still inevitable.

This is a manuscript sketched out by hand, so it is very clear.

It's time-consuming and costly, but I think it's worth it

Look at the picture below











































Letter to the Customer

TissunLibertyFabric the price  is 2 points more expensive than ordinary cotton:

1. This fabric uses digital printing, not overprinted water printing.

2. This fabric specially uses 80s pure cotton as the base fabric, not 40s.

3.The new store opens, no free shipping for half a meter,
free shipping for everyone starting from 1 meter.You can put 2 and a half meters in the shopping cart and get free shipping.

The basic products in our shop are shipped quickly, and they are all available in stock.

About fabric quality: our 80s cotton, 105cm is 112g, other 163g.

Details of the fabric pattern

The imitation version will be different from the original version, but we will work hard to make it better. At the very least, it is better than the other bad copy.


About us:
We buy fabrics from the textile factory by ourselves, and then take them to the digital factory for printing. Therefore, the quality of the fabric is controllable, and we insist on using good-quality fabrics and high-quality printing. Therefore, there are also many returning customers in China. I have found that AliExpress has many pirated copies of my pictures. Now that I am here, the price is definitely first-hand.Thank you for visiting our shop. The first picture is our AliExpress store name, and the second picture is our Taobao store name. The one holding the sign is my daughter.

My son in the printing factory with me


My understanding of fabric

A re-engraved digital printing fabric of a certain brand.
It's not the original version, it's just a re-enactment, replacing the fabric at a reasonable price.

This is a re-engraved fabric of bibert*, not the original fabric.
The advanced environmentally friendly digital printing process is used, but the details of the re-engraved version must be slightly different from the original one, so please don't take it if you mind.
In fact, the base fabric used is pure cotton 80s with high yarn count. The feel is also very soft.
Can be used as an alternative to cheap cloth.
It's good to do it by hand.

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