2023 NEW Xiaomi E20 WiFi Smart electronic lock

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  • 2023 NEW Xiaomi E20 WiFi Smart electronic lock
  • Mijia APP Remote Monitoring Bluetooth 5.3
  • NFC Fingerprint Unlock Smart Doorbell Black

2023 NEW Xiaomi E20 WiFi Smart electronic lock Mijia APP Remote Monitoring Bluetooth 5.3 NFC Fingerprint Unlock Smart Doorbell


1. This smart door lock can working with Mi Home APP.

2. Please change the region of i Home APP to "Chinese mainland" first when connecting.

3.Due to logistic constraints, we will remove the battery to send

Product parameters:
Product model: XMZNMS201LM
Product size: 407 x77 x 23.2 mm (panel)
Net weight of product: 4kg
Power supply method: 8 No. 5 batteries (rated at 1.5V) Type-C emergency power supply (5V=--1A)
Wireless connection: Wi Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Bluetooth 5.3, NFC
Product safety level: Level B (GA 374-2019)
Lock cylinder safety level: Level C
Executive standards: GA 374-2019, GB 21556-2008
Working temperature: 25C~55C
Working humidity: 0-93% RH, non condensing
CMIIT ID: 2023DP4386
Product code: DZFDS-L-B-II/XMZNMS201LM
Environmental adaptability level: Level II (GA 374-2019)

XiaomiSmart Door Lock E20 WiFi version

WiFi remote connection,real-time security control



WiFi connectivity for remote viewing
Remote viewing of status, active alarm for abnormalities
Multiple unlocking methods:
Fingerprint/password/cycle/one-time password/NFC/mobile Bluetooth/key
Integrated intelligent doorbell, multiple reminders for visitors
Mi Home Intelligent Device Changlian
15 months of extended range

Connect to WiFi and remotely view logs, alarms, and reminders through the Mi Home app, enabling real-time control.

Remote viewing requires WiFi connection; The use of Bluetooth protocol requires a Bluetooth gateway or a device with Bluetooth gateway function, such as a Xiaoai speaker, Xiaomi intelligent multimode gateway, etc

Multiple unlocking methods
Fingerprint/password/cycle/one-time password/NFC/mobile Bluetooth/key

AI 3D fingerprint recognition technology self-learning algorithms are better and better used

Equipped with AI self-learning algorithm, fingerprint information is continuously selected and used for more accurate recognition, faster and safer unlocking. Holding the handle instantly unlocks the lock, and opening the door at home is seamless.
Recognition rate 99.2%
Recognition speed 0.5s

Multiple password forms:

Long term valid password
Virtual password anti peeping
Periodic password facilitates housekeeping visits
One time password is suitable for family and friends to visit

Full keyboard NFC * induction unlocking support for multiple devices
Xiaomi mobile phone
Xiaomi bracelet
Xiaomi Watch
Xiaomi Intelligent Door Lock NFC Card

Integrated intelligent doorbell for real-time reminder of guest visits

When guests visit, the door lock rings to remind them, and the Mi Home app will also receive notifications. It can also be paired with a Xiaoai speaker to avoid missing important visitors.

Full detection of abnormal electronic lock body and door lock, induction alarm
4 precise intelligent sensors, capable of detecting 8 different states *, real-time monitoring of abnormal states such as door false opening, prolonged unclosed door, timeout unlocked, etc., can be viewed locally and remotely*

More than ten safety precautions to guard your home

Multi directional authoritative authentication, privacy protection, and security guarantee

Built in Mijia security chip, user privacy data such as fingerprints and passwords, locally encrypted storage without network transmission.

Don't Disturb Mode Soft Tone Don't Disturb
When the elderly and children at home are resting, they can open the door lock in the Do Not Disturb mode * turn off the prompt sound to reduce the alarm sound: do not disturb at night, and use a soft tone to protect the safety of the home door

15 months * Extra Long Range Safe and Durable Escort at Home

The biggest selling point of the Xiaomi E20 WiFi Version is that it supports connecting to WiFi, remote viewing of logs and alarm reminders through the Mijia App, support for a variety of linkage conditions, and personalisation of intelligent scenes exclusive to family members, providing 25 scene triggering conditions.

It also supports a variety of unlocking methods, including fingerprints, passwords, cycle/one-time passwords, NFC, mobile phone Bluetooth, and keys, with a fingerprint recognition rate of 99.24% and a recognition speed of 0.5 seconds.

In addition, the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E20 WiFi Edition integrates a smart doorbell, real-time reminder of guest visits, while the Mi Home App will receive notifications, and it can also be paired with Xiao Ai Speaker, so you don't miss important visitors.

Adopting full detection electronic lock body, the door lock abnormal will sense the alarm, built-in 4 accurate intelligent sensors, can detect 8 kinds of state.

The door lock can real-time monitor the door false cover, long time left open, timeout unlocked and other abnormal status, can be viewed locally and remotely.

In terms of security, it has a built-in Mijia security chip, fingerprints, passwords and other private user data, local encrypted storage without network transmission.

Endurance part, Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E20 WiFi version provides 15 months of long battery life, power grading reminder, even if depleted, you can use a mobile power supply to connect to the external door lock interface emergency power supply
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