Huawei Talkband B7

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2023 New Original Huawei Smart Band B7 Talkband B7 Automatic Blood Oxygen Detection Health Intelligent Heart Rate Monitoring


HUAWEI TalkBand B7

Curved flexible color screen | Automatic bloodoxygen detectionIntelligent life assistant

Six Reasons to Choose HUAWEI TalkBand B7



Wonderful on your wrist,listen with your ears open

3D curved design, ergonomic structure, close tothe wrist and ear. With upgraded liquid siliconeearmuffs, it is lightweight and comfortable towear.



High definition viewsmooth and good screen

The 1.53-inch 3D curved flexible color screenwith a 326 ppi high-definition display brings aclearer and more flexible visual experience.Themain interface slides with your heart, allowingyou to have a clear view of weather, messagescalls, and other information at a glance. withsmooth operation.


Elegant and comfortableto use


The gray watchband is made of imported high-gradecow leather, with fine texture and smooth hands.highlighting style and refinement. The black fluorinerubber watch strap is lightweight and skin-friendly,waterproof and breathable, allowing for unrestrictedmovement.



Stable connection and clear chat
Using the Kirin A1 chip, the connection capability and transmission rate are fast and stable. Youcan also use a bracelet to chat stably with friends in complex environments; With Bluetooth 5.2protocol, the transmission distance is longer. Mobile phone calls are received in seconds on thewrist, with dual MIC noise reduction combined with 3A noise reduction algorithm to reduce noiseinterference and ensure clear communication at all times.



Convenient and fastcharging,lasting call

Universal Type-C charging interface makes iteasier to adapt to a charger. Coupled withHuawei's fast charging technology, when
drinking coffee, you can charge for 10 minutesand have a long lasting conversation for 4 hours.


Blood oxygen statusalways master

The Huawei call bracelet B7 supports the automaticdetection function of blood oxygen, and keeps youinformed of the current blood oxygen status at an)time. By deeply optimizing hardware optical pathsand algorithms, and integrating multiple lightsources faster and more accurate numericalmeasurements can be achieved.


Protect the body and mind,record daily drops


Health Research in Professional Medical Institutions

The risk of arrhythmia such as atrial fibrillation,ventricular premature beats, and atrial prematurebeats can be finely classified and screened. Datasynchronization is used in atrial fibrillation riskprediction research to help predict the risk of atrialibrillation in advance


Health Research in Professional MedicalInstitutions

Comprehensively identify the risk of sleep apnea
through multiple parameters such as sleep, HRVblood oxygen, heart rate, and provide hierarchicalsleep improvement suggestions.


Sports guidance,fitness coaches around

Support 10 common sports modes such as rope skippingmode and outdoor cycling to meet your different exerciseneeds. Equipped with Huawei's self-developed TruSportTAProfessional exercise algorithms that support exerciseneart rate interval settings and reminders, maximumoxygen uptake, aerobic and anaerobic training effectevaluation,and recovery time recommendations.Gobevond yourself with free movement, and professionaquidance is close to your wrist.


Healthy clockong,arousing full vitality

Huawei call bracelet B7 will remind you when you aresitting for a long time; lt also records the number ofsteps, intensity, and duration of your activity. Aftercompleting your sports goals, the three rings of vitalitycan be filled, allowing you to harvest a full sense ofachievement

Wrist assistant

Intelligent life can be experienced by lifting your wrist. The bracelet supports WeChatAlipay code scanning quick payment, SMS quick reply, remote control photo taking,mobile phone music control, etc. There are also situational intelligent push notificationssuch as daily weather, schedule, and flight alerts, as well as text messages and phonevibration alerts, to be your smart life butler

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