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  • Original in-ear headset
  • 0.78 HiFi
  • Monitoring Noise Reduction
  • Mobile Computer
  • Games Sports
  • Earphone IE900 IE600 kz

Xingshenglong X-ONE flagship HiFi in-ear headset 0.78mm mobile phone computer game headset and final a8000 IE900


X-ONE is tuned based on the Final a8000 headset, and the sound quality can reach more than 85% of a8000. It is the true flagship HIFI headset


Visual senses


CNC Segmentation Using Asymmetric K-line Convex Lines

The panel of the X-one is divided into five asymmetric inclined surfaces using a K-shaped convex line using a CNC device to enhance the visual perception of three-dimensional stereoscopic sensation. Together with the reflective texture of metal, it presents different light and shadow effects at different angles.






Metal cavity with both texture and performanceThe CNC equipment made of high-density aluminum alloy is carved into shapes, and then undergoes multiple processes such as fine carving, shaping, polishing, and oxidation. With special surface sandblasting particles, the feel is clear and exquisite, and the texture is excellent. All metal cavity provides stable acoustic performance while providing high color value



High performance dual cavity DLC dynamic coil unit

Equipped with a 10mm high-performance dual cavity dynamic coil unit. A new generation of DLC material diaphragm, N52 neodymium iron boron strong magnetic system, high tension ultra-fine voice coil wire, resonance suppression dual cavity... Integrating numerous sophisticated acoustic configurations, the X-one exhibits a stretchy and natural tuning foundation with strong acoustic performance..




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