Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E20 WiFi Version With Cat Eye

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  • Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E20 WiFi Version With Cat Eye
  • Remote Viewing Bluetooth 5.3 NFC
  • Fingerprint Unlock Doorbell Mijia APP E20 cat eye


1. This smart door lock can working with  Mi Home APP.

2. Please change the region of i Home APP to "Chinese mainland" first when connecting.

Product Name: Intelligent Door Lock E20 WIFI Version with cat eye
Product model: XMZNMS202LM
Product size: 407x77x23.2 mm (front panel) 407x77x27.6 mm (rear panel)
Net weight of product: 4.2kg
Power supply method: 5000mAh carp battery (7.4V=-=2A), 4 No. 5 batteries (rated 1.5V)
Type-C emergency power supply (5V=-=1A)
Wireless connection: Wi Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Bluetooth 5.3, NFC
Product safety level: B-level (GA 374-2019)
Lock cylinder safety level: C-level
Execution standard: CMIT ID
Working temperature: -10C~55C
Working humidity: 0-93% RH, non condensing

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E20 (Cat's Eye Edition)
A more comprehensive perspective is safer
172 ° wide angle camera with 2.3 million pixels and high-definition image quality
Multi screen visible cat eyes
Someone is visiting, visible on multiple screens
Multiple unlocking methods
Remote voice change intercom
Bidirectional communication, variable voice for safer use
More than ten security technologies and various mechanical anti-theft enhancements
Multiple sensors
Real time monitoring of door lock status
Inductive electronic doorbell, visitor approaches, automatically wakes up
172 ° wide angle camera outside the door, constantly aware of movement and stillness
172 ° ultra wide angle *, 2.3 million high-definition pixels with a 1:1 image sensor, can balance horizontal and vertical images, providing a wider field of view and clearer images. The dynamic outside the door is clear from head to toe *.Multi screen linkage *, variable voice call
Visitors can make real-time remote calls through the Mi Home app by pressing the doorbell, and can also view the front door screen on other Mi Home devices simultaneously.Strangers visiting can use the voice changing call function, making living alone more reassuring.Intelligent abnormal capture and recording, constantly guarding the safety of homes
24/7 AI humanoid monitoring video recording, alerting and capturing footage of anyone staying in front of the door in a timely manner; Free cloud storage for 3-day cyclic recording, convenient for playback and viewing.Remote real-time monitoring of the movement and moment in front of the door
Supports WiFi direct connection, whether at home or outside, by turning on the camera's real-time viewing function *, you can stay up-to-date with outdoor activities anytime and anywhere through the Mi Home app.Even in low light, full-color infrared compensation is not afraid of darkness
High sensitivity image sensors combined with F2.4 large aperture achieve low light full-color and infrared night vision, ensuring clear visibility in any environment.Inductive electronic doorbell remote intercom sharing password unlocking
When someone approaches, the doorbell light will automatically wake up and light up. After the visitor presses the doorbell, the owner can initiate a remote visual intercom * or generate a one-time password with just one click to share with the visitor, which is thoughtful and convenient.Multiple unlocking methods:
Cycle/one-time password
Mobile Bluetooth
AI 3D fingerprint recognition technology self-learning algorithms are getting better and better as they are used
Integrated design, semi matte handle, comfortable single handed grip: precise fingerprint recognition, easy to unlock when holding the handle; Equipped with AI self-learning algorithms, fingerprint recognition becomes more and more useful, allowing for easy unlocking and returning home.
Multiple password forms
Flexibly respond to different usage scenarios and audiences.Full detection of abnormal electronic lock body and door lock, induction alarm
It can detect 4 precise intelligent sensors in 8 different states, which are public * and can monitor abnormal states such as false door opening, long-term unclosed door, local and remote timeout unlocking in real time, and can be viewed remotelyMi Home APP allows remote viewing anytime, anywhere
Supports both WiFi and Bluetooth protocols * to connect to the Mi Home app, view door lock status, logs, alarm reminders, and family member arrival remindersDual battery ultra long endurance * Safe and not disconnected
Dual power supply system, with a maximum battery life of 12 months and battery protection for 5-7 months. The door lock operates normally after running out of battery and intelligently switches to 4 kilowatt batteries to provide power for unlocking and other functions.

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