Portable Light Spectrometer

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HPCS320 Spectral irradiance colorimeter, integrated spectrum, CCT, CRI, Lux, .etc parameters in one. With 3.5 inch touch screen, Real-time display of measurement parameters and curves ,use convenient and fast.not only measure LED wide spectrum light source ,but also measure CFL、HID narrow spectrum light source.


1. CCT Tc (K) and Blackbody deviation Duv

2. light illumination E (LX), candlelight E (Fc)

3. chromaticity coordinates (x, y), (U, V), (U ', V')

4. relative spectral power distribution P (lambda)

5. color index Ra, Ri (i=1 ~ 15)

6. color tolerance SDCM

7. Dominant wavelengths, peak wavelengths

8. Visual ratio of light and shade S/P

9. color purity, red ratio, green ratio, blue ratio, CIE1931 three basic color stimulus value X, Y, Z




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