CERASTES Action Camera 5K 4K 60FPS WiFi Anti-shake Dual Screen 170° Wide Angle 30m Waterproof Sport Camera with Remote Control AT-M40R-B 128G

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Operation note:
1. This product is high precision products, do not fall or impact.
2. Please don't close to the camera with strong magnetic objects, such as magnets and motors, in addition to avoid the
product near the issue of strong radio waves of objects, strong magnetic field may can cause product failure, or destroy
images and sound.
3. Please don't place the camera at a higher temperature or direct sunlight.
4. Please choose the brand Micro SD card, ordinary card can not guarantee normal use.
5. Please don't store the micro SD card in or near the strong macnetic place to avoid missing Micro SD card storage data.
6. Charging process, if overheating, smoke, or smel, please pull out the power immediately, stop charging to avoid fire.
7. Please put the product out of reach of children when charging, power line may cause a child's accidental suffocation or shock
8. Please send the product in a cool, dry place and the vast dust.
Product Feature:
> Provide waterproof function waterproof shell, convenient for you to shoot wonderful water sports, waterproof shell can be
deep waterproof 30 meters
> Shooting function
> Video resolution Max 5K @30fps
> Wide-angle170°
> 24MP HD Lens
> Low power consumption, the WiFi opened 90 minutes available
> Ultra HD 2”+1.4” display screen, display and replay video shot
> Changeable battery, easy to replace, prolong the service life
> Charging function while recording
> Supports up to 128GB memory card
> Multiple video recording formats 5K, 4K, 2.7K, 1080P, 720P
> MP4 video format
> JPG photo format
> Photo modes: Photo, Auto, Burst, Timer
> Video modes: Video, Slowly, Loop, Lapse
> Mini appearance
* (There will be a battery inside the camera)
LED display screen:2.0+1.4 inch TPS
Lens:170°A+ High resolution wide angle lens
Language optional:Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English/Japanese/Korean/Russian/
Video encoding resolution :5K 30fps; 4K 60fps/30fps; 2.7K 30fps;1080P 120fps/60fps/30fps; 720P 240fps/120fps/60fps/30fps;
Video format:MP4
Photo resolution : 24MP/16MP/13MP/8MP
Photo mode: Photo, Auto, Burst, Timer
Auto take photos:  3 Sec/10 Sec/15 Sec/20 Sec/30 Sec
Burst : 3P/s, 5P/s, 10P/s
Timer: 3 Sec/5 Sec/10 Sec/20 Sec
Video mode :  Video, Slowly, Loop, Lapse
Slowly : 1080P 4X/1080P 2X/720P 8X/720P 4X
Loop : 2 Min/3 Min/5 Min
Lapse: 0.5 Sec/1 Sec/2 Sec/5 Sec/10 Sec/30 Sec/60 Sec
Image Stabilization (EIS) :4K/30FPS ; 2.7K30FPS ;  1080P 30/60FPS ;
Zoom : 4X
Storage :Micro SD card up to 128G
Power Frequency :50Hz/60Hz/Auto
Power:5V 1A
Recording time:5K/90 minutes
Working temperature:-10°C~+55°C
Storage temperature :-20°C~+70°C
(Notes: Specifications could be subject to modification due to upgrading or updating.
Please regard the actual product as thestandard form)

Function introduction:

Open guidance:

Use operation instructions:

1. Insert Micro SD card

Note: Please select the brand MicroSD card, formatted on the computer and then use, ordinary neutral card can not guarantee the normal use of work.

2. Install and remove the battery

A. Pull the cover down can open the battery cover.

B. According the battery marked positive and negative symbols and arrows indicate direction, the correct battery into the camera until the installation is in place.

C. Battery power indicator: please refer to the icon.

D. Remove the battery, removed out of the battery after open battery cover.

3. Battery charging

A. With USB line connection to computer or power adapter, the camera can be charged.

B. Can charging while recording.

C. Shutdown state can also charge.

4. Camera on/off

A. Long press and hold the boot key 3-5 seconds can turned on / off the camera

B. Open screen that boot, turn off the screen that is off.

5. Turn WiFi on/off

Turn on WIFI: Long press the UP button to open WiFi.

Turn off WIFI: Short press the UP button to turn off WiFi.

6. Mode conversion(mode)

After booting up, short press on/off key. You can switch between recording/photographing.

7. Indicator light

Work indicator light: Blue light, flashing during operation; After the work is completed, the blue light remains on.

When turning on WiFi, the blue light flashes; After WiFi connection, the blue light remains on.

Charging indicator light: Red light, always on during charging, fully charged, red light off.

8. How to set photography and photography options

a. Recording: The camera enters recording mode and presses the confirm button to start recording. At the same time as recording,

the symbol above the screen flashes, and then press the confirm button to stop recording, At the same time, the sign

stops flashing.

Recording mode: Video, Slowly(1080P 4X/1080P 2X/720P 8X/720P 4X), Loop(2 Min/3 Min/5 Min), Lapse(0.5 Sec/1 Sec/2 Sec/

5 Sec/10 Sec/30 Sec/60 Sec).

b. Turn on the power for the camera and camera settings, enter the mode button to select the camera mode, and when

there is a camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen, enter the camera mode at this time, and press the confirm

button to take a photo.

Photo mode: Photo, Auto(3 Sec/10 Sec/15 Sec/20 Sec/30 Sec), Burst(3P/s, 5P/s, 10P/s), Timer(3 Sec/5 Sec/10 Sec/20 Sec).

C. Store, play, and delete

After the video recording is completed, use the data cable to copy the recorded video to the computer for playback, or take out the

memory card and use the card reader to read the image data in the card.

File deletion: In the file playback interface, long press the OK key to delete a single file.

9. Switch between large and small screens

Long press the key to switch the screen size (dual screens cannot be displayed at the same time)

10. WiFi install and use

Before use the WiFi function, please download and install the application “ XDV PRO ”on your smart phone.

Note:earch “XDV PRO” from app store for lOS; Search“ iSmart DV2 "from Android Play Store for android.

Steps to connect WiFi.

A. After powering on, long press the up button to open WiFi, and the screen will display "WiFi Information"

B. Open the WiFi on your phone, searching the wif SSID" X17-******" and connect (the original password is


C. Open “XDV PRO” APP program ,with the APP, you can real-time preview is shooting pictures, remote video, photos,

fileplayback / download / delete / share.

D. APP install guide, the phone system requires Android 4.1 and above or lOS7 or above, scan the “XDV PRO” APP twodimensional code, press the prompts to complete the installation.

Search“XDV PRO”from App Store for IOS

Search“XDV PRO”from Android Play Store for android

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