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AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Amplifier 300Wx2 Class D Stereo Audio Amp HiFi Amp Digital Amplifier For Speaker Home Theater Sound System


1) Strong Practicality: The solid appearance design is simple but powerful, easy to operate, and better suitable for your preamp or DAC
2) The Purpose Of Our Factory Is To Create A Real Hifi Sound Product: Take the real scene shooting, show the real visible appearance texture to customers,Reduce the deviation of real texture due to 3D modeling
3) Good Sound Quality: Use TPA3255 high performance and low distortion class-D power amplifier chip
4) Can Upgrade Op Amp Chip: Adopts dual op amp chip,and the design of the op amp chip can be replaced,such as updated to OPA series, LM series, MUSES series, which can meet the needs of more audio enthusiasts
5) Use Different Power Adapter,Can Drive Almost Home Passive Bookshelf Speakers: Can Drive up to 300 W+300 W into 4-Ω load at 10% THD use DC 48V current over 7.5 A; Original packaging with DC 32V 5A power supply,See the figure below how big the speaker are used
6) One Audio Signal Can Be Shared In Multiple Rooms: 3.5mm AUX audio output can go to any active device(Active speaker,active amp,active subwoofer ect.),But the main volume control only works with speaker terminals not work with 3.5mm aux audio output terminals
7) Offer Good Service: Offer technical help and sales service,Any question, ask us at any time


The TPA3255 is a high-performance Class D power amplifier with Class D efficiency and true to high-end sound quality. The device features an advanced integrated feedback design and proprietary high-speed gate driver error correction (Purepath Ultra HD).

The dual 300W shocking bass output is compatible with passive stereo speakers of most sizes and impedance specifications.

Texas Instruments TPA3255, digital audio amplifier BTL bridge power output 300W * 2 channel design, THD less than 0.03% when working continuously

Amplifier chip: TPA3255

Output power: 300W+300W

Number of channels: 2.0 channels/Stereo

Power supply: DC24-48V (outer diameter 5.5mm inner diameter 2.5mm) ( Package without power supply )
Recommend DC48V 7A or more power adapter.
maybe you also needDC48V 7.5A Switching Power Supply

Impedance: 4-8 Ohm



1*Power adapter(it's option)

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