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Xiaomi Fengmi DLP-LINK shutter 3D glasses for Laser projector Home Theatre Accessories


120Hz fast refresh rate LCD lens
4O hours of strong battery life
108OP screen without afterimage


- Contrast ratio: 1000:1±20%
- Synchronization frequency: 96/100/120/144Hz
- Battery working time (full charge): 40±5hr
- Working temperature: 0℃-45℃
- Storage temperature: 10℃-60℃
- Glasses power supply: rechargeable lithium battery 3.7V, 45mAh
- Weight (including battery): 34.5g
- Transmittance: 38%±2%
- Response time at room temperature: 2ms ±0.5ms
- Viewing angle: 30°(L/R15°)
- Synchronization method: white light DLP-Link
- Working humidity: 20%-80%RH
- Working pressure: 86kPa-106kPa
- Best viewing distance: 2-7 meters (under darkroom conditions)

Shopping Tips:

Fengmi is xiaomi ecological chan company brand,there is no any xiaomi logo on products,please know that.


This product is active 3D shutter glasses, matching projectors, TVs and other display devices that support DLP-LINK 3D functions. Unlike polarized 3D glasses in theaters, it does not support cinema viewing and non-DLP-LINK3D display devices.

HD picture quality, healthy and not dizzy

120Hz fast refresh rate LCD lens, no flicker, no afterimage
1080P high-definition picture, high transparency shows perfect picture quality, not easy to cause eye crime

Cool appearance, light design

All black minimalist lens body, independent signal receiving window design, can see the sense of technology. The ultimate lightness of 34.5g brings the experience of watching movies without falling.

Smart switching, one-click correction

One-click adjustment of the display of the left and right lenses, so that the two eyes are calibrated immediately, and they are instantly immersive.

*Due to the working principle of shutter-type 3D, when watching 3D film trace, sometimes it is necessary to adjust the left and right output screen to get the correct 3D display effect, and the adjustment key can be quickly adjusted through the glasses.

High-end smart chip Long-distance transmission without frame loss

More stable intelligent light sensor, the signal transmission distance is up to 8 meters. No matter how big the living room is, enjoy my 3D cinema.

Long battery life Intelligent power saving

Built-in 40mAH polymer battery, safe and efficient, strong battery life 40 hours. 5 minutes after power-on without synchronization signal, it will automatically shut down and save energy Say goodbye to the trouble of forgetting to shut down, saving electricity is more worry-free.

Multi-mirror use compatible with vision glasses

People with myopia can wear it directly; users who wear conventional vision correction glasses can use it with 3D glasses. More intimate to meet the visual enjoyment of people wearing glasses.

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