FM broadcast transmitter

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  • 15W FM broadcast transmitter ST-15B stereo
  • PLL radio station 87MHz-108MHz car audio amplifier
  • portable for Home party







15W FM transmitter FMU SER ST-15B stereo PLL broadcast radio with 87MHz-108MHz-100khz only a host,whosesales



Please click here to buy a set of the ST-15B for outdoor :




Car theater ,Factory radio ,Drive-in church, Shopping mall radio, Campus radio, Speech, Fleet communication,

 Home,   Apartment,   Church,    School,   Club,   Camping,   Backyard,   Resident village,   etc.


  • Item name: ST-15B-V2 (Updated verstion)

  • Power supply: DC12V5A

  • Support RCA audio input

  • Frequency range: 87 ~ 108Mhz

  • Frequency Step: 0.1MHz

  • Frequency stabilization mode: PLL frequency synthesizer

  • Modulation: FM stereo

  • Deviation: +/- 75KHz

  • Pre-emphasis Delay: 50us

  • Stereo separation: -45dB (5000Hz ~ 15000Hz)

  • Frequency response: 40KHz ~ 15KHz ± 0.2dB (stereo)

  • Distortion: <0.3%

  • Modulation: 15%

  • Input Level: -15dBV

  • RF output impedance: 50Ω

  • RF output power: 1.5W / 15W ( power can be switched)

  • Reference working distance: 1Km-10Km (in the open air)

  • Weight: 0.55KG

  • Dimensions: 154 * 122 * 45MM (L*W*H,excluding protrusions)

  • Audio Input Connector: 3.5mm headphone connector

  • Microphone jack;it can be connected wih the microphone

  • TNC/BNC Type antenna output

  • Reduced harmonic ( clean signal )


  • Connect antenna first before connecting transmitter to DC supply, otherwise, transmitter will be burned out.

  • Select an unused FM station in your area.

  • Packing is not included the antenna and power supply,and you can buy the power supply in your local and you can click here to buy it!

  • Sometimes we will send out the goods in U.S.A., it will takes about 1-7 days to Unit States, welcome to order.

Package included:

  •  1 X 15w FM transmitter  (If you need other accessories please contact us or click the set photo to buy it ,thanks)

  •  1 X Sucker antenna ( optional)

  •  1 X User manual

Product details:


OUR TNC Connector is available ,  when you choose the SET options with TNC connector , please leave us messages " TNC" or contact us. thank you!

Package included:


   A/C: Only a host OF ST-15B:



B/D: A SET OF ST-15B: (Antenna with 3M Cable)



E: Only the sucker antenna (with 3m cable)



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